About Me

I’m Stephanie currently I work in a special library on a university campus and I love it. I have previously held positions as a reference librarian, IT librarian, library assistant, and children’s librarian. I love being a librarian but I hate looking for library jobs. There are great sites out there that I found useful when looking for my current position but the lack of position information frustrated me. I spent hours looking up information on each position and trying to find postings.

My goal with this website is to provide up-to-date employment listings for library jobs in Tennessee. These postings will relate to all fields of librarianship and as much information as possible will be provided so you don’t have to track that down job hunting is stressful enough!

About the site:

Employment information is posted here on a weekly basis, new jobs as available are posted on Wednesdays. Job posting contains information about the job, salary, location in Tennessee, and job requirements so you can determine if the job is right for you before you need to link to the job posting. Easily cull multiple job listings in one convenient place!

Helpful career content is also available here. Information pertaining to interview etiquette, resume writing, cover letter editing, and curriculum vitae are posted here.

Career Information:

  • Sample Resume
  • Sample Cover Letter
  • Interview Questions – Taken from recent position interviews
  • Career Articles
  • Philosophy of Teaching
  • Philosophy of Librarianship
  • Curriculum Vitae

Currently taking submissions of articles relating to library careers, job postings in Tennessee not included on site, and related library content.

E-mail submissions & inquiries to: s.koroll@yahoo.com


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